In Memoriam
Jessa The Junkie
Ella X The Practicing Misis
Oh! Melancholy!
UAE 44th National Day
Clinique "Aromatics in White"
Live Customization | Lui-Jo Kuwait
I Dreamt Of The Unknown
Staying Strong
The Dream Weaver
Cradling Attila
The Ginger Dreadhead
Miss Elspeth
The lady who lives in photographs
The One That Stole My Slumber
State of Mind
Louboutin Python Sneakers
Adidas x Rick Owens Custom Shoes
Live Customization | Eastpak "Tag My Pak"
Determination (is greater than) Fear
Egyptian Inspired Wall and Ceiling
DOZIGN x Ella x Rommel
Behind The Bush
Live Customization | The Level Shoe District
Transmission to Nirvana
Morrocan Inspired Door
"Doble Kara" | Ella X Wrist for SoleDxb 2012
"MOBAKI - The Tribe Healer"
"The Hunter" | Project:MEGA
"Queen" | Project:MEGA|Dubai Mall 2
UGG Boots Customization | The Level Shoe District
"The City Is Your Canvas" | Outdoor Art Project 2013
Remembering Judy Abott
iPad Sketchbook Pro
Farm Inspired Girl's Room
Classic Pooh
Race Track
Pooh and Friends
"Toto" | Project:MEGA|Dubai Mall
Nail Candy
Trompe l'oeil
Nail Spa
The Indian Girl
First Mural
"Looking Through" | Interactive Art Project
FENDI - Fan di Fendi
Thoughts in between her legs
Live Art | The PUMA Social Club
British Embassy Olympic
Paradox In A Parallel World
What strengthens strength?
"3" / Aum
Michael Jordan Tribute
KDLIG X Ella for Tiger Translate
Ella X FAKIE2 Skate Dexhibition
Ella X New Era Introducing 2011
Ella X Virgin Megastore
Ode To Positivity
Dear Dream Fairy
Frida Kahlo de Rivera
Brandon Boyd
Katherine Von Drachenberg
In The Land Of Sin Lilies and Dreams
"Shoergasm" | SOLEDXB SneakerSummit
Proyecto Baetulona | Spain
Epic Fail
Naked Silence
Airart Days
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